Sourcing your IoT Data

Digitisation is expanding exponentially

especially following the pandemic years and is set to grow even more.

This increased digitisation supported by the ever increasing use of IoT, there is a tsunami of data that is on its way. At QORD we are here to help you make sense of it all, and with some out-of-the box thinking can help you source your data.

For example, we have been actively working with farmers here in Australia to source data from herds of cattle via IoT tags inserted in the herd’s ears (for more details see our case study on our whole of herd model).

Additionally, we worked with a leading public authority to pilot a crowdsourcing model to test for potholes in roads. With the ever-increasing severity of weather conditions, there are deep challenges for pothole management by the public authorities running road management programs. Worsening weather causes increased damage to roads, which creates marked risks. QORD created an incentivisation structure to reward smartphone users for releasing their (non-identifiable) data based around accelerometer and GPS data to help pinpoint the location of potholes (for more details see our case study on pothole management)

Want to explore the different ways to source your IoT data?