Data is the
new oil” .

Clive Humby, mathematician, 2006

This now almost clichéd quote has increasingly proven to be correct. Data is in the very DNA of decision-making globally. Gut instinct and experience have been replaced by factual data. If new trends and opportunities can be identified early enough and confirmed by data,  it provides superior competitive advantage, and the risk mitigation needed for marketing and new product teams to enhance decision making. Access to leading-edge data is powerful, creating very strong market opportunities.

QORD is at the leading edge of data monetisation, especially the future of data – IoT and the Internet of Everything (IoE) data. We are actively looking to partner with organisations and clients that want to embrace innovative ideas to

The ever-increasing value of data has spawned an entire industry of data brokers only too willing to help with the monetisation of data collected. There are, however, deep challenges building as personal data has increasingly become a dirty word. Personal data is increasingly being sold, often without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

For Bigtech companies, where we are the product. Our very thoughts and actions are tracked, bought, and sold to willing advertisers. To make things worse, we have all seen the highly negative effects of high-profile cases of the data abuse, like Cambridge Analytica. With the misuse, of our data, data privacy is at the forefront of mind for consumers.

This is where QORD comes in.

The QORD platform has four main features that can help empower organisations within the data exchange ecosystem to optimise the commercialisation of their data – or their clients’ data.

Anonymising data

Using leading-edge blockchain technology, and a legacy of inhouse patents, the QORD platform enables the extraction of value from data without the need for the privacy of that data to be retained. This means that data owners can feel comfortable releasing their data. It also creates the ability to incentivising those that choose to release their data.

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Rewarding data owners

The QORD platform enables those that want access to data to reward the data providers and owners themselves. For example, in our case study on Public Roads Management, the QORD platform structured a model to reward smart phone owners for providing access to their GPS and accelerometer data in the crowdsourced tracking of potholes on roads. In this way crowdsourced data could be monetised and anonymised

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Data Exchange

As part of the QORD platform, we have a fully compliant digital data exchange – ADX. Buyers and sellers of data can come together in a marketplace for data.

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Speciality of IoT Data

At QORD we are more than just a fully compliant data exchange platform that empowers and rewards data – we are the future of data. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever increasing rise in the Internet of Everything (IoE) data is exploding with internet connected devices now being developed and deployed globally. Street lights, wastebins and even biometric data on herds of cattle. QORD helps our partners monetise the value of their increasing pools of IoT data.

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Out of the box thinking

The QORD team is flexible enough to explore new innovative ideas that make commercial sense. We work with our partners to think intelligently about problems and to create unique, viable solutions. Its only by pushing the envelope that we can all excel at what we do.

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