Incentivising your Data Owners

We have built ideas and structures…

around rewarding those that are able to provide IoT-based data.

For example in our case study on pothole management out of Australia the public authorities recognised the headaches caused by potholes and their management. There were very few cost effective ways to proactively gather data to monitor potholes – other than the occasional reporting by road users or by sending teams out to regularly monitor the conditions of roads.

By looking at rewarding smart phone users for providing access to their accelerometer and GPS data, the public authorities had a cost-effective way of getting access to the data that would help them pinpoint potholes. From the user perspective they were able to generate some passive income from the smartphone they were using to help offset the costs of their data plans.

Want to explore the different ways to help you reward your data providers and give them increased opportunities to earn additional passive income, increasing customer loyalty?