Qord|Trust plays a pivotal role within the Qord group…

serving as the holder of loans and executing funding for Joint Ventures.


As a trust, we ensure maximum financial auditability and treasury-like functions for all stakeholders within the Qord ecosystem.

Secure and Transparent Financial Transactions:

Experience secure and transparent financial transactions powered by advanced technologies and trust mechanisms. Trust Qord Trust to ensure integrity, accountability, and auditable process for your financial transactions.

Efficient Management of Funds:

Optimise the management of your funds within the Qord ecosystem. Benefit from Qord Trust’s treasury – like functions, offering streamlined processes that provide stakeholders with greater control and visibility over their financial activities. 

Collaboration and Global Connectivity:

Join a network of trust and foster collaboration with financiers, participants, partners, and stakeholders from around the world. Qord Trust promotes global connectivity, enabling meaningful interactions and collective progress towards common goals.

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