It all starts with…




or me

or maybe a cow!




Mobile Phones

Smart Tags


Smart Speakers


We are all surrounded by devices:

Phones / tablets / computers / cameras / microphones / smart tags / etc

These devices are known as the Internet of Things (IoT)

Everytime each of us interacts with one of these things we provide a data point.

Using Qord’s IoT Accelerator technology we take this raw data…

Anonymise it

Aggregate it

Secure it

Safety and security

is at the core of what we do.

This gives power and control to the data provider.

They can choose who they want to anonymously share their data with and also

be rewarded for it.

Organisations reward providers for access to this anonymised aggregated data…

analyse it…

gain insights, spot patterns, identify dangers, and to see what is working or what isn’t in real time.

In turn organisations can 

sell these insights 

to end users to help inform their day to day decisions.

Whether that be 

travel plans, business operations or even herd management.

The interconnectedness of things through the Qord platform

opens a whole world of opportunity!

Connecting users to items for hire, available services and tasks to complete for reward.

All these interactions are managed through the Qord platform;

protecting data providers, organisations and end users.


Data Providers








End Users

Creating a network of shared data, powerful insights and micro transactions where…

everything you do matters.