Data|waste: Revolutionizing the Waste and Recycling Industry

At Data|waste, powered by Qord’s IoT accelerator and cutting-edge technologies, our vision is to transform the waste and recycling industry, bringing about beneficial change in both first and third world economies. We believe in harnessing the power of IoT, big data, AI, and machine learning to create a waste management ecosystem that is efficient, sustainable, and community-driven.


Real-Time Residential Bin Servicing: Implementing IoT sensors in residential bins to enable real-time monitoring of fill levels. This data will facilitate optimized collection routes, reducing unnecessary trips and improving operational efficiency. According to a study by the European Commission, smart bin systems can reduce collection costs by up to 50% (source: European Commission, 2019).

AI Technology:

Onsite Recycling Solutions: Leveraging AI and machine learning to identify recyclable materials within the waste stream and provide on-site recycling solutions. This approach promotes resource recovery, minimizes landfill waste, and contributes to a circular economy. A successful example is ZenRobotics’ AI-powered recycling robots that can sort construction and demolition waste with up to 98% accuracy (source: ZenRobotics).


Public Bin Sharing and Full Bin Usage: Implementing a community-driven bin sharing platform that optimizes bin usage and reduces waste overflow. By leveraging data analytics and machine learning, we can predict demand patterns, optimize bin allocation, and ensure bins are never overfilled or underutilized. Sharing platforms like Sharewaste have successfully connected households with compost bins to individuals in need of organic waste for composting (source: Sharewaste).

Route Management:

Optimized Route Management: Utilizing real-time data and AI algorithms to optimize waste collection routes, minimizing fuel consumption, reducing emissions, and improving overall operational efficiency. Waste management company Bigbelly’s smart waste stations have achieved significant savings in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through route optimization (source: Bigbelly).

Community Initiatives:

Community Initiatives: Introducing tailored waste management initiatives, such as aged care bin programs, to address specific community needs. By engaging community stakeholders and leveraging technology, we can develop innovative solutions that promote sustainable waste practices and enhance community well-being.


Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives like the Bill Gates-supported Janicki Bioenergy plant, which converts waste into electricity and clean water (source: GatesNotes), and other innovative waste management solutions globally, Data|waste is committed to driving positive change and creating a more sustainable future through the power of data and technology.

Join us in revolutionizing the waste and recycling industry, harnessing the potential of IoT, big data, AI, and machine learning to build a more efficient, sustainable, and community-focused waste management ecosystem.

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