Welcome to the future of smartwatch technology, where data sovereignty and dignity take center stage. 

Qord, the leading data trading platform, is partnering with innovative smartwatch manufacturers to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices. Our mission is to empower smartwatch owners, manufacturers, and data analysts to unlock the full potential of smartwatch data while maintaining complete control over their personal information.

Why Manufacturers Should Choose Qord:

Data Safety and Privacy: Qord ensures that smartwatch manufacturers do not need to share any user data with us. Our platform is built on robust encryption protocols, safeguarding user information from unauthorized access and protecting against data breaches.

Privacy-First Communication: By partnering with Qord, manufacturers can reposition their brand as a 100% data-safe company. We emphasize a privacy-first communication strategy, giving customers confidence that their data dignity and sovereignty are respected.

Revenue Opportunities: Qord’s data trading ecosystem opens up new revenue streams for manufacturers. Through our platform, manufacturers can create data campaigns that include their existing customers and customers from other smartwatch brands. Manufacturers receive a percentage of the trades conducted by their customers, enhancing sales and revenues.

Why Smartwatch Owners Should Trust Qord:

Complete Data Control: Qord empowers smartwatch owners by providing them with full control over their data. Owners decide how their data is used within the Qord ecosystem, ensuring that their privacy preferences and personal boundaries are respected.

Real-Time Benefits: Through Qord’s certified campaigns, smartwatch owners can unlock real-time benefits and rewards for sharing their data. Whether it’s personalized recommendations, exclusive offers, or tailored insights, owners gain tangible value from their data participation.

Secure Data Trading: Qord’s platform ensures secure data trading through agreed-upon Data Carnet agreements. These agreements establish the terms and conditions of the trade, including data schema, commercial terms, data filters, and policy agreements. Personal data encryption and privacy are maintained throughout the entire process.

Why Data Economists and Analysts Should Collaborate with Qord:

Unique Data Opportunities: Qord provides data economists and analysts with a unique opportunity to tap into rich and diverse smartwatch datasets. By working with Qord, they can access aggregated and anonymized data to gain valuable insights and drive impactful research.

Compliance with Data Regulations: Qord aligns with various global data regulations, including the SMARTWATCH Data Act in the USA, the GDPR in the EU, and local data privacy laws. Collaborating with Qord ensures that data economists and analysts adhere to regulatory requirements while harnessing the power of smartwatch data.

Ethical Data Practices: Qord promotes ethical data practices, ensuring that all data usage is conducted in a privacy-conscious and consent-driven manner. By collaborating with Qord, data economists and analysts contribute to a sustainable and responsible data ecosystem.

Qord is reshaping the smartwatch industry by empowering users with data sovereignty and dignity.

We invite smartwatch manufacturers, owners, and data analysts to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can unleash the full potential of smartwatch data while upholding privacy, security, and ethical data practices. Take control of your smartwatch data today with Qord and experience the future of data empowerment.

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