Qord|Consult is a powerhouse of professional consulting services within the Qord group…

dedicated to unleashing the power of data.


Our comprehensive range of advisory and support services cater to a wide range of needs within the Qord Eco-System Partnerships. Here’s what you can expect from Qord Consult:

Capital Advisory and Deal Negotiations:

We provide expert guidance and support in capital advisory, ensuring efficient financial structures for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and application development. Our experienced team excels in deal negotiations, maximising your financial outcomes.

Commercialisation and R&D Strategy:

Qord Consult offers strategic insights and consulting services to drive successful commercialisation strategies. We specialise in crafting effective research and development (R&D) strategies, enabling you to leverage  Aus-Industry R&D Tax Incentives.

Management Consulting:

Our dedicated team of consultants assists in developing and refining management strategies, empowering businesses within the Qord Eco-System Partnerships to achieve their goals effectively.

Data Sovereignty and Compliance:

At Qord Consult, we prioritise the protection of  your data and ensure compliance with data regulations and security standards. We provide a unique offering of 100% data control, allowing you to maximise the value of your data while maintaining privacy and security.

Insights Generation and Trade Secrets Development:

With our expertise in data analysis and trade secrets development, we help you unlock valuable insights from your data. Our focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence enables you to harness the full potential of your information.

Community Collaboration and Value Exchange:

Qord Consult facilitates collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including farmers, scientists, government entities, businesses, insurers, and customers. By bringing together these key participants, we create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters growth and innovation.


Mezzanine Finance and Equity Investment:

We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions, including mezzanine finance, equity investment, and debt finance options. Our goal is to support your growth and provide tailored financial structures that align with your unique needs.

With Qord Consult, you gain access to a powerful network of experts in various industries, including agriculture, tourism, utilities, and smart devices. Our advanced technology, the Qord Eco-System, and IoT tags serve as catalysts for your success. We ensure your rights are protected, offering insurance for trade secrets, patents, and royalties.

Join us in the digital age and harness the full potential of your data. Qord Consult empowers you to monetize insights, achieve advertisement success, and embrace the benefits of community collaboration. Experience the unparalleled advantage of our IOT Accelerator, enabling scalable IoT solutions that drive your competitive edge.

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